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Your Investment  – The Aspray Franchise Cost

Franchise cost – as a franchisee you will be embarking on the development of a start-up business opportunity and it is important that you do not lose sight of this when considering whether a franchise is right for you.

When you purchase a franchise you usually have the opportunity to operate a proven business model, but will of course still need to be prepared to promote your service to others in order to drive your business to the levels of income you seek. You may be pleased to know that Aspray have developed a franchisee first year marketing strategy and action plan to help guide you to performing the activities needed to help you grow your business, and a sales team who dedicate a considerable amount of time to seeking out new national account introducers.

Seeking independent financial advice is important when making the decision to buy a franchise. You need to know what level of investment is required, how soon the business could potentially make a profit, and how much return on the capital you have employed is available to you over the term of your franchise.

The one-off franchise cost is £37,500 + VAT payable when the franchise agreement is signed.

Earnings in excess of £50,000+ are achievable for franchisees who have developed a good introducer network within their territory. Influential and charismatic negotiators can achieve good profit margins and the opportunity for expansion is available to successful franchisees after at least one year’s trading, make this an interesting proposition for credible, driven and likeable candidates.

Several banks like lending to franchisees and the Aspray recruitment team can guide you to banks who have offered loans to franchisees in recent months. Please call our recruitment team for more information about financing options.


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