What we are looking for in an Aspray franchisee?

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The skills you will need as an Aspray franchisee

Aspray look for self-motivated, professional and literate individuals with good leadership and people skills with an ability to influence and guide others. An Aspray franchisee must be able to demonstrate a “can do” solution orientated attitude at all times is key.

As discussed a career as an Aspray franchisee is not by any means for everyone and we don’t accept just anyone either. Ideally, you’ll already have a successful career and will have demonstrated significant project management skills.

The ideal background of an Aspray franchisee will be either project management, QS, financial services, building maintenance or management. However, applicants from other backgrounds will also be considered provided they can demonstrate the skills required to perform the role.

To protect our business integrity and to conform to the regulatory requirements our selection process is rigorous.

We look for individuals with:

  • High personal integrity.
  • High standards of people management and communication.
  • Ability to display financial acumen.
  • A willingness to learn a new business and through ongoing personal development adapt to changes in the market.
  • A customer care priority.
  • A willingness to share best practice and be involved in the and contribute to the growth of the Aspray business.

You will not need previous experience of franchising or the building trade, in fact not having this experience can work in your favour as you will learn our Business Blueprint without being influenced by other, less successful formulas.


The Apray Franchise Recruitment Process