Thrilling activities. Expert speakers. Networking. Summer BBQ. Prestigious awards. It is hard to say which part of the Aspray national conference we enjoyed the most. But if we must choose; it would have to be catching up with the fantastic franchisees in our network.

For two days, Aspray took over the magnificent Aldwark Manor Hotel in York – celebrating a year of success was at the top of the agenda, and celebrate we did.

Exhilarating activities and bonding

The National Conference kicked off with a range of activities. The thrill seekers headed off to Hawthorn Castle to experience the buzz of quad biking, axe throwing, and crossbow shooting. Zooming through the forest, over obstacles, and through muddy ravines the team got stuck in, competing for the best time around the circuit. Live for Today events put them through their paces, teaching them to shoot a crossbow and throw not just one but two axes at a faraway target.

For those who prefer a quieter lifestyle, Wine and Cheese tasting, hosted by the wonderful Emma, The Wine Lady, was the choice of the afternoon. Not only was there a chance to taste wines from various locations around the world, but also an education in wine production, the best cheeses to pair with each type of wine, and how to get the best value for money out of your wine choices.

The golf field was where the rest of the network could be found. Exercising their competitive streaks and enjoying some camaraderie made for a fantastic afternoon. The winner walked away with a bottle of bubbly and the loser was presented with a novelty tie to showcase at the awards dinner.

The Importance of Networking  

We hold a great belief that chatting with other franchisees boosts morale and offers both new and existing members of the network the opportunity to pick up tips and tricks that improve business and service. That is why we introduced the networking BBQ – an informal occasion for franchisees to chat in a friendly setting.

Chatter and laughter were aplenty as the night drew in and the first day of the conference came to a close.

The Aspray National Conference

Expert speakers took to the stage to provide industry updates, sales and marketing results and strategies, and franchise business growth ideas. We were honoured to welcome Adrian Golifer from Create Solutions, who provided information on the customer duty and FCA regulatory updates, Rob Orme and Chris Hughes from Chantry Group, who discussed building business value for your franchise, and the Chair of the British Damage Management Association (BDMA), Adrian Jolly, who discussed the benefits of the BDMA qualification as well as hot topics in the industry today.

One speech that had a profound impact on the audience was given by Lucas Whitehead of ANDYSMANCLUB. Aspray has been a corporate sponsor of the ANDYSMANCLUB charity for 18 months and Lucas joined us to talk about the charity’s vision for the future and how it helps thousands of men across the country. Sharing his own story, Lucas delivered an impactful speech that gained the appreciation of everyone in attendance.

As the day drew to a close, it was clear the conference had been a celebration of 12 months of success, and it was amazing to see the vibrance of the network.

Celebrating Franchisee Accomplishments

Party time provided a time for everyone to unwind and celebrate, as we commended the many achievements both financially and otherwise of our network. From excellence in customer satisfaction to charity champion, special recognition, and going the extra mile, franchisees were awarded for their many accomplishments over the year.

A charity raffle and heads and tails party game were also part of the night and we raised a fantastic £1610 for ANDYSMANCLUB.

The highlight of the night was Directors Hayley McSherry and Kim Perkins announcing the Franchisee of the Year award. The winner, Clive Hawkesley, owner of the Aspray (Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne & Maidstone) franchise has shown fantastic growth and excellent customer service throughout the year. The award was a real testament to the hard work he, and his team, provide to their customers daily.

Clive Hawkesley - Winner of the Franchisee of the Year award
Looking forward to 2025

As plans were shared for the coming year, we’re looking forward to seeing the achievements across the network over the next 12 months. In May 2025, Aspray turns 20 years old, a significant milestone, and we’ll be making sure that the celebrations to come are ones we’ll never forget.

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