Aspray recently hosted an exceptional conference at the exquisite Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort. Over the course of two days, franchisees indulged in a variety of activities, gained valuable industry insights, and came together to recognise exceptional achievements. An awards ceremony was held where Mario Lovric, owner of the Maidenhead and Guildford franchise, received the prestigious award of Franchisee of the Year.

Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons

A host of activities

The conference commenced with a day of exciting activities, where franchisees embraced the spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition. Golf became an entertaining spectacle as franchisees showcased their skills and unleashed some rather unconventional swings, creating moments of laughter and light-hearted banter. The day continued with cocktail making, as franchisees tapped into their creativity, perhaps a fair few taking a liberties with their shot measures! The highlight of the day, however, was the sheep herding session, where franchisees and woolly companions hilariously navigated the field just outside the Bowood Golf Clubhouse.

Getting down to business

The following day, the conference transitioned to the heart of the business agenda, with franchisees eagerly absorbing insights from industry experts and the Aspray Franchise leadership team. Inspirational presentations by Managing Director James Whittle set the tone for a transformative experience, igniting the entrepreneurial spirit within each franchisee.

A highlight of the day was welcoming CEO, Pip Wilkins, and Senior Support Manager, James Sedgewick of The British Franchise Association (BFA) who came along to share their insights within franchising. Aspray franchise is an established member of the BFA, giving their franchisees the opportunity to utilise the association and connect with other franchise brands to build together, learn together, trade together and thrive together.

Pip Wilkins said:

“Thank you, Aspray, for having us and taking the time to input on the future of Franchisee Membership.”

Edge Equipment and Create Solutions Compliance shared valuable industry knowledge and innovative tools, equipping franchisees with the latest strategies and resources to excel in their respective markets. The event also provided an opportunity for the Aspray Head Office Staff to offer guidance and support, ensuring franchisees are armed with the tools and tips necessary for continued success.

Awards evening

While the conference provided valuable business updates and industry knowledge, it was also an occasion to celebrate outstanding achievements within the Aspray Franchise family. The pinnacle of the event was the black-tie awards dinner, a night of elegance and recognition.

Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons

Mario Lovric shines as ‘Franchisee of the Year’

Among the esteemed franchisees, Mario Lovric stood out as he was honored with the highly coveted award of Franchisee of the Year. Mario’s exceptional performance and phenomenal year in business, generating exceptional turnover within the Aspray Franchise, served as an inspiration to current and future franchise owners. His dedication, unwavering commitment, and innovative approach exemplify the qualities that contribute to the success of an Aspray franchise.

Aspray takes great pride in the remarkable success of the conference and remains committed to fostering an environment of support and celebration for its franchisees. The franchisor looks forward to hosting future conferences, where franchisees can continue to learn, grow, and achieve new heights of success.

Aspray Chester Deeside Dragons