Jack Parkhouse - Year One

Last year we spoke to new franchisee, Jack Parkhouse, as he originally began his business under the looming presence of the coronavirus pandemic. (You can read his story here).

Now, one year on, he’s back to tell us how he’s almost doubled his anticipated year one turnover projection and why starting with the right attitude has been key to success.

Tell us about the goals you set yourself for year one and if you’ve managed to achieve them.

“One of the key conversations I had during the recruitment stage, was about what was achievable in terms of first year turnover. It was presented early on that £200,000 worth of turnover in year one was a good benchmark but, for me, it was always about being beyond that.

During the research phase, I was given information on the average claim value and, coupled with my knowledge of the construction industry, I anticipated being able to do £250,000 worth of claims in year one.

I am delighted to say that I’ve been able to do much better than that!  I’ve had 46 claims within the first year, with an average claims value of about £12,500. Right now, I’m at about £460,000 claims turnover, however, I still have 4 or 5 claims that need to be costed so it might get close to £500,000.”

What do you think you have done differently to help you surpass your goal?

“I don’t think I’ve done anything differently to anyone else. My only advantage is having previous experience running my own business and juggling many tasks simultaneously. If you can run 15 to 25 jobs at once, then this level of turnover is very achievable. It’s seems like a scary idea, but you don’t need to be doing everything on those claims at the same time and when you break it down into what you need to be doing day to day, it’s more than manageable.”

How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your first year with Aspray?

“The pandemic has really shown me that this business can operate regardless of what happens, as nothing has really slowed down the insurance or the Aspray service side of the business. There was a short period where construction was limited but that couldn’t be helped.

Whatever happens with the economy in the future, things are still going to go wrong, and people are still going to need our help.”

What skills do you think are most important for someone looking to take on a franchise with Aspray?

“The key is having great interpersonal skills, being trustworthy and likeable. I think you could teach anybody this job, there is nothing too complicated about it, in its nuts-and-bolts form. If you’ve got the work ethic and the communications skills, the rest of it is all there for you, you just have to follow the model, which sounds really cliché and corporate, but it’s true.”

Finally, what do you love most about running an Aspray franchise?

“Honestly, having the flexibility to work full time and be able to spend time with my family and do the nursery run has really been a brilliant aspect of the franchise. I still work more than full time hours, but the role has given me the flexibility to have it all.

My previous roles have all been very transactional. You know how good the job was by how quickly you were paid. With Aspray, I have direct contact with the end user and see them through the whole process.

Feedback from the clients during my first year really has been one of the most rewarding aspects of the job. When you make money with that level of job satisfaction on top, it’s really something I haven’t had before and it’s something I really enjoy.”

If you would like to find out more about the Aspray franchise opportunity contact our Recruitment Manager, Rebecca Dean, on 01254 786137 or book a call here.