Aspray Franchise, a leading player in the property claims management industry, proudly announces the renewal of George Cusack’s franchise, Aspray (Stirling), for a second term. Celebrating five years of commendable service, George stands as a testament to the effectiveness of the Aspray business model.

George Cusack, Director of ASpray (Stirling) with James Whittle, Managing Director of Aspray Limited

Building Aspray (Stirling)

George embarked on his Aspray journey five years ago, taking the reins of the Aspray (Stirling) franchise. From day one, George embraced the Aspray ethos of customer-centric service and efficient claims management. His commitment to excellence and dedication to serving the community have been pivotal in the success he achieved during his initial term.

Experience in building customer relationships and working with people

With a past career in management within the motor industry, George brought with him the people and customer service skills needed to be a successful Aspray franchisee. And throughout his first term, George demonstrated exceptional leadership and a deep understanding of the local market. His franchise played a crucial role in helping homeowners navigate the complexities of property claims, ensuring fair settlements and timely resolutions.

“Very happy with both the service and speed with which thing were managed. I would definitely recommend this service and will do if the need arises.” Jacob G. Nov 2023

Renewal Decision: George Cusack’s Perspective

The renewal of George’s franchise underscores the robustness of the Aspray business model. The franchise offers a proven framework that combines comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a robust network. The franchise’s commitment to innovation and adaptation to industry changes ensures that franchisees like George are equipped with the latest tools and knowledge to help Aspray (Stirling) stay ahead in the market.

George expressed his gratitude for the support and resources provided by Aspray during his initial five years. “Renewing my franchise was not just a business decision; it was a reflection of the trust I have in the Aspray brand and the opportunities it continues to offer. The ongoing support from the Aspray team, coupled with the robust business model, has allowed me to thrive in a competitive industry. I look forward to the next chapter of growth and success.”

Aspray (Stirling): Building Trust and Credibility

George Cusack’s renewal not only reflects his personal success but also contributes to the overall growth and credibility of the Aspray brand in the Stirling community. As more homeowners and businesses experience the positive impact of Aspray’s services, the brand continues to gain recognition as a trusted partner in property claims management.

In renewing Aspray (Stirling) for a second term, George Cusack stands as a beacon of success within the Aspray Franchise family. His journey exemplifies the effectiveness of the Aspray business model, the impact of community-focused service, and the ongoing support provided by the franchise. As Aspray continues to expand its footprint, George’s story serves as inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact in the property claims management sector.

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Is training provided for scoping properties?

Training and ongoing support is provided in all areas of the business, including scoping. Find out more about the training and support Aspray offer here. 

What types of claims are the most common?

The most common claim handled at Aspray is escape of water. However, fire, flood, impact, and storm claims happen frequently, and franchisees are often dealing with a mix of claims at any one time.  Find out more about our franchisee here. 

Do Aspray help find approved contractors?

Aspray have database of contractors, including national companies, who can be called upon when first starting out. However, you will ned to build a network of trusted contractors within your territory for both claims completion and building your business. 

What is the cost of the average claim?

Claims costs vary from claim to claim depending on the peril. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) advise the average claim value for domestic properties is £3,823, whilst commercial 

Do most franchisees work from home?

Yes, especially in the beginning, most franchisees work from home. This means that overheads can be kept lower as you build your business.

Some franchisees move into offices as their business grows.