Aspray recently caught the spotlight participating in a national feature on ITV News. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and the exceptional contributions of our franchise network. Additionally, we’d like to highlight and thank Satinder Grewal, a dedicated franchisee of nine years, who fronted the interview,

Let’s delve into the details and explore the significance of this recognition for both our brand and our esteemed franchise network.

Satinder Grewal,, Screenshot of the ITV news segement which aired Frida 28th July 2023

ITV News: A Platform of Recognition

When a brand earns national recognition, it’s more than just a feather in the cap – it’s a testament to the values and quality that define it. Aspray, with its commitment to excellence, caught the eye of ITV News. But this isn’t just about us; it’s about all the dedicated franchisees who pour their heart into upholding the Aspray values.

Satinder Grewal: A Testament to Longevity and Dedication

The interview was fronted by East London franchisee, Satinder Grewal, who has been a dedicated member of the Aspray network for almost a decade. With nine years of steadfast service, Satinder embodies the core principles that define our brand: expertise, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to customer service. His pivotal role in the ITV News feature serves as a shining example of the calibre of professionals within our franchise network.

Within the segment, Satinder showed journalist Geraint Vincent around a home suffering with subsidence, explaining the damage caused and the potential links to climate change. With this particular building, a tree in the grounds of the property is said to be the main cause of the subsidence. Satinder said during the ITV segment: “The original problem here that we faced was a tree in the back garden, which had tree roots going towards the property, and they were drawing moisture to survive, but that moisture is being drawn from beneath the property itself, most likely due to less moisture available at surface level in the garden.”

National Exposure: Showing the Expertise of our Network.

When the ITV News cameras turned our way, it was a true testament of the noise Aspray have been making across the insurance and property industry. The exposure solidifies the fantastic year of recognition for Aspray that has only been achieved by the collaborative efforts of the whole network. Recognition that amplifies the value of being an Aspray franchisee, reinforcing our reputation as a market leading brand that cares deeply about our clients and our network.

Paving the Path Forward for Aspray Franchisees

For both aspiring and existing Aspray franchisees, the ITV News feature marks a significant milestone. This exposure isn’t a standalone event; it’s a steppingstone toward greater visibility, credibility, and trust.

If you are seeking an opportunity to align with a nationally recognised brand that values excellence and franchisee success, we invite you to explore the Aspray franchise opportunity. Join a network that is gaining prominence, driven by a commitment to our clients and the growth of our franchisees.

To delve into the Aspray franchise opportunity and learn how you can contribute to our thriving network, visit or reach out to us at on 0800 077 6705.

Loss Assessor of the Year

Aspray were thrilled to be announced as the winner of the prestigous ‘Loss Assessor of the Year 2023’ award at the highly acclaimed British Claims Awards. This recognition highlights Aspray’s outstanding achievements over the past year, showcasing their commitment to customer service, innovative solutions, and raising standards when a policyholder suffers damage at their property resulting in an insurance claim.