Over the past four years, Jack Parkhouse has earned his place as a standout franchisee within the Aspray network. Developing his business across the South of London has seen him grow from a solo venture to a team of 5 managing more claims than ever across the territory.

The obvious next step… franchise expansion.

Aspray London South & Basingstoke team photo taken during franchise expansion and business growth

From left to right: Dominic Marshall, Ashley Hewitt, Shradha Parkhouse, Martyn Chapman, Jack Parkhouse. 

Expanding into Basingstoke

When the time came to expand into an additional territory, it was a no brainer for Jack. Driven by Jack’s personal connection to the area and it being where his family reside, Basingstoke was the obvious choice. The expansion means he can concentrate on local opportunities, support his local community, and develop relationships with local suppliers and contractors.

Jack said, “I am thrilled to have taken on the Basingstoke territory. We have found ourselves more engaged with our local community as our children have grown and become tied to local schools and sports teams and we feel now more than ever that working locally and being part of the community has great significance and value.

If we can develop the same reputation for service and helping policyholders across the Basingstoke area that we have in South London, then I will be very pleased.”

Why now is the right time for franchise expansion.

Building a strong team was an important goal that Jack wanted to achieve before moving into an additional territory. Ensuring the continuation of the high level of service his team is renowned for into the new territory has been a primary focus for the 12 months leading up to the expansion. And from the constant influx of outstanding reviews, it’s clear that this has been achieved.

 “We very much appreciate how the team at Aspray accommodated our personal circumstances and went above and beyond to support us during a stressful time. We are very pleased with the results and can say we had an excellent experience throughout.” Juan P., March 2024

What the Future Holds for Jack and the Team

Taking the business to the next level across Basingstoke will give Jack not only the opportunity to work locally, but also provide a flexible service for customers experiencing property insurance claims.

He is also eager for the expansion to offer his team chances to grow professionally within the company and assume additional responsibilities.

It will be fascinating to watch the coming years unfold for Jack and his team at Aspray London South and Basingstoke as they progress on their journey.

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