In a recent interview with Franchisee Focus, Mario Lovric shared his inspiring journey of transitioning from a civil engineer to a successful Aspray franchisee and loss assessor. With a passion for construction and a diverse skill set gained over 15 years in the civil engineering field, Mario found a perfect match for his expertise and ambition when he joined Aspray.

Mario’s background as a civil engineer equipped him with a host of skills that seamlessly translate into his role as an Aspray loss assessor. Civil engineers are well-versed in project management, problem-solving, and communication – qualities that are fundamental when managing property insurance claims. Their ability to assess and analyse complex situations, coupled with strong negotiation skills, makes them adept at navigating the claims process and ensuring clients receive a fair settlement.

Support from day one

When Mario joined Aspray, he was fortunate to start at the same time as Anthony Baddeley, Aspray’s Network Support Manager. The timing proved to be invaluable for Mario, as he immediately received a challenging Fire Damage claim. Anthony’s experience and expertise were instrumental in guiding Mario through the complexities of the process. With Anthony’s assistance, Mario navigated the intricacies of the claim, ensuring that the client’s needs were met, and their property was restored promptly.

You could argue that with Mario’s extensive experience as a civil engineer, he could have tackled the role of a loss assessor without much guidance. However, his experience serves as a valuable reminder that having knowledgeable professionals like Anthony Baddeley on your side can make a significant difference. It is a testament to the value of collaboration and mentorship in achieving success, even for seasoned professionals like Mario.

Mario Lovric
Anthony Baddeley

Mario Lovric benefitted from the guidance and support offered by Network Support Manager, Anthony Baddeley, during what was a complex and challenging fire damage claim.

Fire damage claims can often be complicated to manage due to the variation of damage involved. The reinstatement process will differ depending on the type of fire (oxygen-rich/oxygen-starved) and what was used to put out the blaze (extended water damage).

Building on his Civil Engineering skills

Throughout his journey as an Aspray franchisee, Mario has consistently demonstrated his commitment to self-improvement. Recognizing the importance of continuous learning in his field, Mario has actively participated in various training workshops provided by Aspray. These workshops focus on enhancing essential skills such as negotiation, customer service, and damage assessment. As a result of his dedication, Mario successfully completed a BDMA Tech qualification, a significant achievement in the property reinstatement industry.

The BDMA (British Damage Management Association) Tech qualification holds immense significance in the property reinstatement industry. It is a rigorous program that equips professionals with in-depth knowledge of industry practices, damage assessment, restoration techniques, and compliance standards. By attaining this qualification, Mario has showcased his commitment to professionalism and his dedication to providing top-notch services to his clients. His expertise and qualifications place him in a prime position to understand the complexities of property damage and efficiently liaise with insurance companies to ensure fair settlements.

Edge Training

In addition to BDMA courses being readily available, EDGE Group regularly hosts training workshops. These workshops have helped Mario commit to his own drying regimes during reinstatement, which saves him, and all parties involved on a claim, time, and resources.

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Franchisee of the Year

After three years of relentless hard work and unwavering dedication, Mario Lovric achieved a remarkable milestone in his career as an Aspray franchisee – he was awarded Franchisee of the Year. This award is a testament to Mario’s outstanding performance, his commitment to excellence, and his dedication to serving his clients.

Mario’s success sets a shining example for the entire Aspray network. It illustrates what can be achieved through hard work and a passion for delivering exceptional service. As an Aspray franchisee, Mario has consistently gone above and beyond for his clients, ensuring that their needs are met, and their properties are reinstated to their original condition. His ability to handle complex claims with ease and provide exemplary customer service has earned him a reputation as a trusted and reliable loss assessor within his Maidenhead & Guildford territories. A true role model within the Aspray network.

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