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Jack Parkhouse

Winner at the BFA Awards in 2021, Jack Parkhouse has made a name for himself at Aspray for growing his business exponentially during the Covid period.

    BFA Next Generation Franchisee

    Jack Parkhouse

    Winner at the BFA Awards in 2021, Jack Parkhouse has made a name for himself at Aspray for growing his business exponentially during the Covid period.

      “…take all the good things from the model and implement them in my own way.”

      In his BFA nomination video, Jack goes on to talk about the control he has in running his own franchise business. Following the model and then implementing this through his own unique style has resulted in Jack setting ambitious targets such as doing more business than anyone else in their first Aspray year, to making a positive impact on the reputation of loss assessors in the insurance industry.

      Jack Parkhouse BFA Award

      “For many franchisees, the risk of investing in the franchising world can seem daunting.

      Jack no doubt had these fears too but for him, failure was just not an option. It’s a true credit to his determination and hard work that he has secured this truly well-deserved win.

      He’s a shining example of how franchising can offer a great way to realise your dreams, and I have no doubt the future is very bright for him and the rest of the Aspray team.”

      – Pip Wilkins, CEO of the British Franchise Association

      Episodes: A series of interviews with Jack

      Episode 1: Previous work experience

      Episode 2: Learning the skills

      Episode 3: Financial targets

      About Jack

      Jack is a firm believer that the role of a loss assessor, helping people with their property damage insurance claims and project managing reinstatement works can be learnt by anyone. Of course, the role does require a level of experience and industry knowledge, such as Jack being a former project manager and being familiar with the construction industry, otherwise there is nothing complicated about being a loss assessor.

      Jack possesses genuine traits that are indicative of any ambitious business owner: making a good first impression, being organised, turning up to work on time, making good notes on site, excellent communication skills. With these skills in place, Jack is adamant that the role can be learnt within a matter of weeks.

      Following on from having these core skillsets, Jack has followed the model ‘to a T’. Jack will be the first to vouch that he has not done anything revolutionary with his franchise and building it to such a substantial level has required no ‘outside the box’ thinking. It’s come down to route one: following the model.


      Jack Parkhouse Aspray Franchise
      Jack Parkhouse Aspray BFA

      For many people, the want to run your own business comes from a want for control over time, decision-making, creativity and freedom. Jack opted to run his own franchise business to give him more freedom in working around his family life.

      In his early thirties, Jack is a husband to Shradha and father to two children. Family means everything to Jack, who wouldn’t have life any other way than being able to do the school run, spend quality time and all the other errands that comes with family life.

      Jack continues to build his franchise with a combination of local advertising and networking in the South London area. His Wife Shradha is lending a helping hand on Marketing, while Jack is looking to expand his team by recruiting someone who can be involved in the claims management process.

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