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John Strange

Winner of the Which Franchise ‘Great British Franchisee Award 2022’ and Winner of the ‘Community Focus Franchisee’ at the BFA Awards 2022 

‘Community Focus Franchisee’

At the British Franchise Association Awards 2022

John Strange, Director of Aspray (Glasgow West)

John Strange

Winner of the Which Franchise ‘Great British Franchisee Award 2022’

The Glasgow Clan Ice Hockey

Any time the Clan are mentioned, you can guarantee Aspray (Glasgow West) are mentioned too – whether that’s via their logo appearing on the ice, on the surrounding boards, on the kit or shouted out by the stadium announcer at the start of each game.

John understands the power of brand awareness, and followers of the Clan know exactly who to call when they experience property damage to their homes or businesses.

Nicky Moncur and Wai Wong at The Glasgow Clan Arena

“…it was fast paced, it was energetic, it was out there. It was lights, music…”

The first time John saw the Clan play at the Braehead Arena, he was blown away by the atmosphere and spectacle of an ice hockey game. John felt he had to get involved in a sponsorship with the Clan, and today Aspray (Glasgow West) are the main sponsor.

The presence of the business around the arena is one of the largest that the Aspray franchise has seen, with everyone involved knowing full well what John’s service is.

Aspray (Glasgow West) have helped many policyholders as a result of this sponsorship, however John is genuinely proud to be involved in the club for its authentic community feel.


John Strange


John has always been self-employed, valuing the freedom that comes with being a business owner. Nevertheless, as a dedicated franchise owner, John’s work ethic has resulted in Aspray (Glasgow West) becoming one of the most successful franchises in the network.

Nicky Moncur, Loss Assessor at Aspray (Glasgow West)

Nicky Moncur


Nicky was Aspray (Glasgow West)’s first employee and befriended John by working in the same office block. Nicky has always believed in building a business that genuinely helps people and is known for putting his heart and soul into his job.

Wai Wong, Loss Assessor at Aspray (Glasgow West)

Wai Wong


Wai joined Aspray (Glasgow West) in an admin and marketing role before deciding to take her loss assessing qualifications. Since then, Wai has become synonymous with the franchise’s success by being on hand to help people with their claims and manage large sponsorships in the business.

Ian O'Neill, Loss Assessor at Aspray (Glasgow West)

Ian O’Neill


Ian has extensive experience in insurance reinstatement projects and his valuable skills in the industry have become an asset to the team at Aspray (Glasgow West). Ian is also on hand generating new business leads for the franchise as a well known professional in the local area.

Shorts sponsor of St. Mirren Football Club

Another community orientated project for John and Aspray (Glasgow West) was to become the official shorts sponsor at St. Mirren Football Club. Along with the logo on the kit, the Aspray (Glasgow West) logo also appears on perimeter advertising and on the stands, visible to thousands of viewers on live games.

Aspray (Glasgow West) sports sponsorship at St. Mirren FC

“…they are a great club, a great team, and the day itself is a wonderful day…”

John met with St. Mirren Commercial Director, Campbell Kennedy, who was excited to arrange a deal with Aspray (Glasgow West) due to having such a strong community focus. As a result, John and his team are regularly involved with the club on presentation evenings, match day and charity events. John Strange has always been a big football fan and knows full well how fun and entraining a match day at St. Mirren is and was eager to get involved.

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About John Strange

John started off his working life as a buy-to-let investor, accumulating properties in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. From here, John built up many contacts of letting agents, landlords and property managers who often sought John’s knowledge and advice when a property was damaged or needed maintaining.

Working in property and having many connections meant John inevitably came across the Aspray franchise opportunity. It was a no brainer for John to start helping policyholders in the form of Aspray (Glasgow West). 

On the 9th June 2016, John made the trip to Darwen, Lancashire on his own to sign the franchise agreement at the Aspray Head Office. The contacts John built up previously came in use immediately, as word began to spread about the service John was now providing. As John would put it, the business ‘snowballed’ and John was soon employing his first member of staff, Nicky Moncur.

Today, Aspray (Glasgow West) has a central office and five members of staff. The majority of claims that John helps with come from Landlords and Letting Agents who have access to a number of properties, many of which will encounter an insurance claim at some point for damage. John and his team help to relieve the stress involved in having to manage these claims on their own.

Jack Parkhouse
Aspray (London South)

Next Generation Franchisee winner 2021 (BFA Awards) Jack has a background in construction and project management. Coupled with a strong work ethic, Jack is growing his business exponentially.

Kylie Crane, Director of Aspray (Northampton)

Kylie Crane
Aspray (Northampton)

Listening to Kylie’s customers, it’s clear to see why she was the winner of the ‘Excellence in Customer Service’ award. Her drive to always go above and beyond is what makes her a standout franchisee.