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Lindsey Joseph

Entering an exciting new phase in her journey as a franchise owner

Lindsey Joseph

Entering an exciting new phase in her journey as a franchise owner

“…time to take Aspray Manchester Central at a place where we can start making inroads into the claims within the Greater Manchester area…”

Lindsey Joseph started her franchise journey three years ago and has gone from strength to strength. Now, with a strong team behind her including fellow Director, Ben Taylor, her new office can be used as a hub of operations to create more efficient working processes.

The office will be used to collaborate with the team, network with likeminded professionals in the area and is also partly a storage facility for her contractor network.

“Lindsey Joseph and her team at Aspray (Manchester Central) are a credit to the Aspray network. The team have built a fantastic looking office and I wish them the very best of luck for the future.”

– James Whittle, Managing Director at Aspray


Lindsey Joseph


Lindsey had a long career in financial services in a large corporate setting before deciding to run her own business. Her ‘Baptism by Fire’ in joining Aspray proved Lindsey to be fast and organised learner.

Ben Taylor, Director of Aspray (Manchester Central)

Ben Taylor


Ben, formerly working in the recruitment industry, was brought on initially due to increased demand. Passionate and hard-working, Ben became a Director in 2021.

Tracy Taylor, Operations Director of Aspray (Manchester Central)

Tracy Taylor


Known for being thorough, methodical and very organised, Tracy was a perfect fit to join Aspray (Manchester Central) after the first year’s success. Tracy heads the operations department in the business.

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About Lindsey

Lindsey started out her Aspray journey by herself with just a pen and computer to her aid. Though she has always had the support of Aspray Head Office, Lindsey had to learn quickly as claims were already coming in straight after induction week. A ‘baptism by fire’ is what Lindsey refers to her first months at Aspray.

The claims continued to come in for Lindsey and in her first year her turnover was just under 200K, which she was immensely proud of and something that far exceeded her expectations. Owning the densely populated Manchester Central franchise meant that Lindsey quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of claims being referred to Aspray. Lindsey’s answer to the increased volume of work was to make the franchise a family affair! 

Lindsey’s sister, Tracy was brought onboard to front the operations of the business while nephew Ben was given the opportunity to become Director. Now having created a base in Manchester with a brand new office, the Joseph/Taylor family team can create more connections to professionals in Manchester and further boost the business to exciting new heights.

Lindsey is a very well-liked and admired member of the Aspray franchise network. With a wealth of experience in a corporate financial setting, Lindsey is no stranger to acquiring B2B contacts and her knowledge in networking, signing up introducers and contractors is often shared with the network on training calls/induction weeks, which the network are very grateful for.

Lindsey won the ‘Trustist’ (Aspray’s online review platform supplier) award in 2022 for gathering the most 5 star reviews. Lindsey and her team gathered 80+ reviews over a short period, demonstrating the genuine appreciation that policyholders have for Lindsey helping them get their property back to its pre-loss condition. Having a policyholder be satisfied for the work carried out is a great achievement, but then to find 80+ within a couple of weeks is a testament to how well established Aspray (Manchester Central) has become. Lindsey sets a prime example for the network in all aspects of the business; growing a team, helping others, and delivering exceptional service to policyholders. 

Sara Holmes, Aspray Franchise

Sara Holmes
Aspray (Sunderland)

Aspray Franchisee of the Year 2021, Sara gained admiration from the network due to her handling of severe storm damage in her territory. An example of devotion, hard work and tenacity.

Roy Bowen
Aspray (Wakefield)

Roy has 10 years’ experience in running the Aspray (Wakefield) franchise. He praises the training and support offered to new franchisees, seeing how this has developed over the past decade.