Our Franchisee of the Year, Mario Lovric, has added another trophy to his cabinet! Mario Lovric, the owner of the Maidenhead and Guildford franchise, has had an exceptional year. Following his win of the prestigious Franchisee of the Year award at the Aspray National conference, Mario has now earned recognition as one of the Great British Franchisees of 2023 by Which Franchise.

The Great British Franchisee Award acknowledges outstanding achievement in the franchising industry. It commends franchisees with a track record of stability and business experience, individuals who contribute significantly to business growth and excel in customer satisfaction. This award is a celebration of Mario’s incredible journey with Aspray over the past four years.

Speaking about Mario’s remarkable achievements, Aspray Director Hayley McSherry stated, “He’s the first franchisee in our network to expand his business into a second territory within the first two years. In his second year of the franchise, he achieved 424% growth, followed by an additional 198% in the third year. He’s currently on track to achieve even more in the fourth year. Mario is now the second-largest franchisee in our network, which is truly an outstanding accomplishment.”

Mario Lovric, winner of the Great British Franchisee award 2023

Mario’s Path to Award-Winning Excellence

Mario joined the Aspray network in late 2019 and has since become a shining example of entrepreneurship and business excellence. His unwavering dedication, along with his innovative approach to business operations, has resulted in remarkable growth and high customer satisfaction.

“We oversee the entire claim process, starting from the initial site visits and property damage assessments, all the way to reaching an agreement on repair scopes with the insurer. Then, we take charge of project-managing the repairs, restoring each property to its pre-incident condition,” Mario explained.

“Initially, not many people or businesses were aware of our existence, so we invested a considerable amount of effort into raising awareness. Most people go their entire lives without needing to make a claim, so all our customers are essentially the unfortunate ones. I see it as our duty to guide these individuals through what is typically a very stressful and unwanted experience.”

The Great British Franchisee Award

As a prestigious accolade in the highly competitive world of franchising, the Great British Franchisee Award celebrates exceptional franchisees across various franchising industries. The 2023 award featured a distinguished panel of judges, including Bill Clark of BDO, Suki Dehal of Lloyds Bank, Euan Fraser of AMO Consulting, and Derrick Simpson, a Companion of the British Franchise Association.

Assessing everything from customer service to leadership, the judges sought franchisees who truly distinguished themselves among their peers. The ability to drive business growth, promote sustainability, and actively engage with their community while playing a vital role within their franchise network were all qualities of the Great British Franchisee award winners.

Supported by Lloyds Bank, Worldpay from FIS, d&t, Amo Consulting, Chantry Group, and Which Franchise, it’s a distinct honour for Aspray to be recognized among the award winners.