John Strange BFA Awards

Some people are forced to make risky career changes. Some stay in unhappy roles. Some decide to start a new business venture from scratch. However, many do not consider franchising as an option to take when reaching a ceiling in their career. At Aspray, we want to share positive insights into how buying a franchise can be life changing.

First of all, we get it. All career moves carry an element of risk, especially one that consists of investments, operating costs and a whole host of responsibilities. There are franchises in this world that have unfortunately fallen short on their promised opportunity. As a result, scepticism quickly set in. But in 2023, we want to address this and showcase the potential that owning a franchise has.

John Strange BFA Awards

Do your research!

‘Do your research!’ you hear, from friends and family. A strong case for almost all decisions in life. Before investing in a franchise opportunity, you will want to find as much evidence of success as possible. A franchise worth it’s salt will want to show you as much evidence as possible.

Here at Aspray, we’re in our 18th year of business and provide our prospects with a wide variety of material to create trust, understanding and perhaps a level of excitement to get involved. Good franchisors should be providing:

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Franchisee testimonials: so that you can hear the word from people who were in your position not long ago. You will want to see who has similar experience to you, or a similar work ethic. These testimonials should be honest and not ignore some of the hard work that goes into running a business, but nevertheless should inspire you to becoming your own boss. Aspray has a full series of interviews called ‘Franchisee Focus’ where our franchisees say it how it is. The series is often a reference point in our recruitment process.


Jack Parkhouse Next Generation Franchisee

Industry recognition will tell you how well the brand is performing through the lens of regulators, governing bodies, and experts in the field. You should be keen to know about who the franchise is affiliated with and any awards they have picked up. Aspray is proud to be winners at the British Claims Awards for two years in a row in the category, ‘Outstanding Services to the Policyholder’. This outlines our reputation in the insurance industry and provides an important insight into our morals and ethics in delivering our service and our business model.


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A robust but inviting, no obligation recruitment process should put you at ease and give you a good idea of whether franchising or the business model is compatible with you. If you are being promised the dream, have the impression that work will fall into your lap with little commitment, or simply get a bad gut feeling from a recruitment manager who is a touch too pushy, you will have your answer. Stay well clear. Along with all the material we provide, Aspray has invested heavily into its recruitment process. As a two-way street, we have just as much interest in finding the right candidate who can deliver a service that matches our high standards.


Rebecca Croasdale, Aspray Head Office

“We have recruited some of the most skilful and talented individuals at Aspray who have gone on to become successful franchisees, with high turnovers and glowing reviews. What always surprises me is that so many of our franchisees wish they had made this decision sooner! And it comes from not being aware of the opportunities that franchising presents.

“Many industry professionals who have reached a ceiling in their career, and want to put their experience into something new, often don’t realise just how ideal they are to start their own business with the support of Aspray and its network.”

Rebecca Croasdale, Aspray Sales Executive


Any change in your working life should present excitement, nerves, uncertainty, opportunity and much more. You could be weighing up a new job, becoming self-employed or starting a new career. But consider a franchise. Consider owning a business and becoming your own boss, while starting out on a foundation of good brand reputation, proven results, and a match for your skillset.

Owning a franchise could be the missing key to unlocking your full potential!