It was just over a year ago when Jimmy Cranswick embarked on a new journey as an Aspray franchisee, diving headfirst into the world of property damage insurance claims. Today, as he reflects on his remarkable journey, standing tall and looking to expand awareness of his business in Barnsley and Doncaster.

Jimmy’s remarkable growth over the past year can be best exemplified through a pivotal moment – his successful completion of a large fire damage claim. This story not only highlights the complexities of such claims but also underscores the invaluable support he received from the Aspray head office staff.

Having what it takes

Jimmy Cranswick’s journey began with a passion for property, having spent the last few years buying and renovating properties. However, the world of property damage insurance claims required new skills to be learned. In his first year, he dedicated himself to perfecting his craft, learning about the intricate claims process, and honing his negotiation skills when dealing with loss adjusters and insurer’s representatives. And of course, expanding his knowledge on how to effectively scope a property thoroughly for damage in all scenarios, such as fires, floods and burst pipes. It was a year filled with growth, challenges, and invaluable experiences.

Jimmy Cranswick

Network Support Manager, Anthony Baddeley, is a strong ally of yours – especially during your first few months working as a loss assessor. Jimmy took full advantage and now has a foundation of expertise to build on.

Standout moment: Fire damage claim

One of the standout moments of Jimmy’s journey came when he took on a fire damage claim. Fire damage claims can be among the most complex claims to deal with for Aspray franchisees. Not only do they involve substantial structural damage, but they can be quite a lengthy project to manage. Jimmy’s role was not just to navigate the intricacies of the claim but to be a reliable contact for the policyholder during what was an emotional time for them.

The property had suffered extensive structural damage, and required a detailed damage report to ensure the policyholder could get exactly what they were entitled to. To tackle this task, Jimmy had the support and expertise of the Aspray head office staff, including Anthony Baddeley.

Anthony’s profound knowledge of construction and property proved invaluable in this case. With his guidance and expertise, Jimmy was able to confidently deliver an effective scope for the property’s restoration. This detailed and well-prepared scope not only simplified the claim process but also ensured that the policyholder’s property would be restored exactly the way it was.


“Everything was handled by Jimmy, who kept us up to date at every step and
went above and beyond for us. Cannot fault the works done or the time it has taken at all. Great service overall.”

Policyholder review

Jimmy Cranswick’s successful handling of the fire damage claim was not just a testament to his growth as an Aspray franchisee but also a reflection of the support and guidance available from the head office staff.

Despite Jimmy not having an insurance background, he was still able to settle the claim with the utmost professionalism and skill. With the claims team behind him, offering guidance in the process, and Anthony Baddeley’s expertise in property, Jimmy had every tool at his disposal to provide the high quality service that Aspray is known for.

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Jimmy Cranswick

Jimmy Cranswick pictured outside the Aspray head office with his branded van.

Reflecting on the year

As Jimmy reflects on his first year as an Aspray franchisee, he can’t help but be proud of the foundation he has laid. His journey has been marked by growth, learning, and most importantly, helping people in their times of need. 

With a year of invaluable experience under his belt, Jimmy is now ready to take the next step – expanding awareness of his service in Barnsley and Doncaster. Tooled with a deeper understanding of property construction and the ability to effectively negotiate with loss adjusters and insurer’s representatives, he is well-prepared to assist even more homeowners in their time of need.

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