A London-based commercial and residential property insurance broker is celebrating its third year of offering its policyholders access the first-class property claims management service they deserve, by offering the Aspray service at the point they have a property damage insurance claim.

Property Insurance Centre – which has offices in London and County Down and which provides insurance to property owners UK-wide – is proof of how valuable introducers of claims can be to Aspray franchisees.

Introducer Benefits pointed out by AsprayThe introducer relationship started when Aspray approached Property Insurance Centre to introduce its service.  From there, the Property Insurance Centre’s directors listened to their policyholders and picked up on an aspect causing their brokerage and their clients issues.

That issue will be one familiar to all existing Aspray franchisees.  It related to the insured policyholder having to attempt to negotiate with their insurance company’s representatives, following a flood, fire, water escape, theft, malicious damage or vehicle impact incident, to try to get a fair settlement under the terms of their insurance policy.

Dealing with the loss adjuster appointed by their insurer can be problematic for many policyholders, leading to frustrations that could have damaged perceptions of Property Insurance Centre’s broking service.  Recognising this, Property Insurance Centre’s directors began to introduce Aspray to its policyholders as their recommended property claims management and property repair and reinstatement specialist.

Franchisees seeking an understanding of the benefits that Aspray can bring to a third-party referrer should note the words of Property Insurance Centre director, Robert Fisher.

He says: “Aspray immediately delivered the benefit we sought, fighting the corner of our clients so that, if they deserved something in their settlement under the terms of their insurance policy, they were likely to get it.  Furthermore, the Aspray service costs our policyholders nothing, if they are happy to have Aspray’s vetted contractors handle the repair works to their regular high standard.”

He adds: “Only around fifty per cent of our insured customers realise they can appoint a loss-assessing expert like Aspray, to be their representative in property claims negotiations.  This is despite this being a really valuable service.”


This demonstrates the size of the opportunity potentially available to Aspray franchisees, with thousands of property insurance policyholders nationwide currently unaware of the benefits of having a loss assessor assist them with their property insurance claim. It can be a valuable, considerably sized and often untapped market.

With Property Insurance Centre’s policyholders now in a position to instruct an independent loss assessor, thanks to having been made aware of Aspray’s property management claims service, Property Insurance Centre’s team has the peace of mind of knowing their customers need not feel let down by a disappointing claims outcome. Claimants also get a single point of contact in the local Aspray loss assessor and the Aspray service typically takes the pressure away from Property Insurance Centre.


Our Aspray MD and franchisor, James Whittle, says: “Having a poor claims experience is one of the main reasons why policyholders switch broker and insurance supplier and this can greatly damage a broker’s reputation and book of business.  Franchisees should make that point to potential third-party referrers and explain how having an experienced claims management professional like Aspray on board, striving to assist a broker’s policyholders at every stage of the claims and property repairs process, often allows brokers to demonstrate added value and thus potentially meet their customer retention objectives.”


To discover more about franchisee opportunities at Aspray, please contact 0800 077 6705.  More information is at www.asprayfranchise.co.uk