How did a 19-year-old tennis player manage to win the US Open this month, beating many-times champion Serena Williams?  You could say it was down to superb tennis skills, lots of practice and a bit of luck, but the evidence suggests much more.  It would seem that any prospective franchisee, or new business owner, could take a leaf out of Bianca Andreescu’s book, whether they are part of Aspray’s property damage insurance claims franchise network, or not.

The reason is that Bianca has, apparently, been a devotee of positive thinking, using elements of visualisation, to help channel her positivity and achieve her goals.  She is said to have spent several years writing fake cheques to herself, made out to the sums that could be picked up by the winner of a US Open.  She then visualised receiving these and considered how that would make her feel.  All positive stuff, indeed. But could a franchisee do the same?

positive thinking to grow your income

Franchisees and Earnings Visualisation

Following the ‘Bianca method’ would be very easy for an Aspray loss assessing and property damage insurance claims management franchisee.  During the recruitment process, you are given the tools to forecast your potential earnings that could be accrued from owning a franchise territory and working hard.  Writing your own blank cheque, on this basis, would be pretty easy. 

Having done that, you could then visualise what that could mean for you and your family – a new house, perhaps?  The option to give your children private school tuition? Maybe a few dream holidays, or a new car, or even a boat? And, of course, a future inheritance for your children.

Whilst that could be your visualisation, and whilst the Aspray franchise model will point you in the direction of how to achieve it, as Bianca Andreescu has shown, there is nothing as powerful as positive thinking to back up hard work, as hard work cannot alone may not bring the stellar results and wholesale lifestyle change you may seek without a positive mindset.

How to Become a Positive Thinking Franchisee

Making positivity the cornerstone of your franchise territory is easier than you may think.  It’s very much a question of mindset; achieving a position from which you control your thoughts and drive negative ones away.  You can start to do this immediately, focusing on the old premise of the glass half-full or glass half-empty.  If you have a negative thought, you should flip it, seeing negative situations as opportunities, not things to hold you back.

Mindfulness for Franchisees

You could also practice mindfulness, driving out negative thoughts by closing your eyes, breathing deeply, blocking out all distractions and just enjoying some quiet time. Even if you can’t achieve a yoga position to do this, having this calming interlude in your day should help your focus.

Goal Planning

Setting goals is also important, but only do this when you have achieved a position of positivity.  If not, your goals may be negative, non-stretching ones, as fear of failure may rule your mindset.  You need to be aiming high, to achieve whatever it is you have visualised, not seeking to achieve the mediocre.

Be Inspired

Role models can help inspire your work as you go about building your franchise territory, so try to source podcasts, books and videos that could boost you and your positive mindset.  Choose a positive quote from someone you admire and keep it close at hand. 

Watch Your Language

Did you realise that the language we use can affect whether we feel positive or not?  Listen to the vocabulary you are using day-to-day and ask yourself whether you are using any negative words.  For instance, instead of creating a daily To-Do List, why not call it your Opportunity List?

Create the High Points

Reward yourself each day with something that will help boost your positivity and don’t make that junk food or a chocolate bar!  Give yourself a 15-minute break in an inspiring location, read a page or two of an uplifting book, or treat yourself to a little reward.

Live, Love, Laugh

Stop complaining about that business contact who is not seeing things your way and try to understand their point of view and how you could influence that.  Live the triumphs that come your way when you have made that person come around to your way of thinking.

Make sure your day, at some point, has an occasion in which you do something nice for other people, so that you get the buzz from having done this.  For an Aspray loss assessor and property damage insurance claims management franchisee, this is pretty easy to achieve, as many customers need your help and assistance and may be truly grateful for what you are doing to help them. For some, like new franchisee Perry Dawson, this is the motivation behind their decision to become an Aspray franchisee.

Find occasions to laugh and inject humour into your day – a smile may be the best way to win over those who are challenging your viewpoint.

Put Your Franchise Fate in Your Hands

Stay young through positive thinking and stop thinking the world owes you a favour.  You owe yourself that favour and only you can get your hands on it. 

Remember that whoever you are, you are the amalgamation of your own thinking and, if that thinking is negative, the road ahead will invariably be a bumpy one.  Think only positive things and you could be franchising’s version of Bianca Andreescu, one day making that cheque that you have visualised as real as the one that she picked up this month, which was made out for a staggering $3,850,000.