National LIS Award Winner 2018 - Property claim FranchiseesEvery property claims franchisee in the Aspray franchise network has been buoyed up by the news that Aspray’s customer-centric property claims management and landlord loss assessing service has just won a national Landlord Investment Show Award 2018.

Aspray swept to victory in the ‘Best Product for Landlords’ category, in which we were shortlisted along with three other businesses ( We were absolutely delighted to take to the stage at the Grosvenor House Hotel in Park Lane, London, to be presented with this prestigious award.

Some of our London and southern-based franchisees – Satinder Grewal (Aspray London East), Audrey Hage (Aspray West & Central London), Clive Hawkesley (Aspray Tunbridge Wells & Eastbourne), Grahame Dean (Aspray Richmond), Joe Bou-Daher (Aspray West & Central London), Barry Thurston (Aspray Luton) and Justin Gudgeon (Aspray Richmond), accepted the award on Aspray’s behalf, with this triumph being the high-spot of a great evening out.

However, this accolade is of huge benefit not just to them, but to every franchisee out in the field and to anyone thinking of applying to become an Aspray franchisee.  The decision of the LIS judges shows just how much added-value Aspray provides to landlords who suffer property damage and that endorsement is worth its weight in gold.


Property claims franchisees and landlords

Every property claims’ franchisee will deal with landlords owning property of one kind or another, whether they are approached by landlords direct, or through a third party such as an insurance broker or property or lettings agent. Being able to say that our service is an LIS Award winner, in the ‘Best Product for Landlords’ category, could help franchisees bring far more business from landlords on board.

Landlords are not exempt from damage caused by bad weather or flooding, an internal escape of water, fire, vandalism or tenant damage, or even vehicle impacts.  All of these can trigger a property claim, if the landlord has insurance, which is where an Aspray franchisee can step in to deliver our award-winning service.  The potential market is, therefore, significant.

Our service has been so highly valued by the LIS Awards judges, because they recognise how we become both the voice and physical representative of the insured landlord in the insurance negotiations surrounding such loss scenarios.

They also saw that the service removes stress and distress from a landlord’s shoulders, as they can leave everything to our loss assessing property claims specialist, who handles all negotiations with the insurer’s representative, the loss adjuster, on their behalf, both at the premises and off-site.  Furthermore, they appreciated that the Aspray loss assessor will always seek a fair settlement – the full entitlement of the policyholder – and support an appropriate schedule of works to repair the damage suffered.

As our service costs nothing, if the policyholder works with our Aspray-approved and trusted contractors for the property reinstatement, it is naturally attractive to landlords wanting to know their insurance was worth something to them, and to tenants wanting their rented home repaired in the swiftest way possible, with a good level of workmanship.

The national Landlord Investment Show award has endorsed our decision to build our business on a Treating Customers Fairly ethos, which delivers first-class service to all clients, regardless of whether they are private homeowners, landlords, or commercial property portfolio holders.