If there is one thing lockdown has taught many of us, according to a National Lottery survey, it is that we really do not like our job.  During the pandemic, the survey found that 78% of us have taken time to reconsider our lifestyle and priorities and this is leading 42% of us to want a career change. In places like Liverpool, those wanting a fresh new career rises to 50%.

More than one-in-five surveyed said they do not like their job and 66% think life’s too short to have to do something you hate.  45% want more time with their families and many want to travel.

Careers being increasingly considered are those involving baking and cooking, gardening, medical work and teaching, with many of those surveyed considering retraining, to be able to work in such jobs.

Property damage claims management as a career

What many of those surveyed will not have said they want to do in life is follow a career in property damage claims management.   Most people will not have heard about this exciting option.  If some have heard the term, they may feel this is about being an ambulance chaser and PPI salesperson. Others may see it as pen-pushing. 

It is neither. 

Instead, becoming a property damage claims manager with Aspray involves using negotiation and people skills on behalf of clients who have an insurance policy and who have suffered property damage and loss.  It means liaising with the insurer’s representative and being the insured’s representative in the claims process.  It requires getting out to a variety of sites, to view property damage – domestic and commercial – and assess what the schedule of works to put it right should constitute.

Property Damage - Before and After fire damage

It then often means managing a team of vetted contractors and tradespeople, overseeing and project managing the repairs and finally signing off the job, having got the client back on their feet.  In many cases, what then follows is enormous gratitude and job satisfaction when you see the difference you have made, not just to the customer’s property but often to their life as well, thanks to your efforts.

In terms of a career move, this professional franchise opportunity is ideal for anyone who loves property, who has people or project management skills, or who likes to help others and empathise with their situations, then becoming the everyday hero who puts things right for them.  Many of those considering new careers in 2020, following the pandemic, might find it suits them to a tee. 

How to go about it

As is the case with many franchises, there is the initial outlay involved with buying a territory – but only if you have proved to Aspray that you have what it takes to make a go of the business, with the full support of its training, business model and brand reputation. Its head office team will then provide assistance when required but it is down to you to build your business, find contacts, get the word out and, hopefully, then start to work towards earning an higher than average income.  You may have a sum of money put by, be able to get a bank loan, have the assistance of a family member or have some redundancy money available, when it comes to finding the funding.  If you are right for the job, you can quickly start to bring in clients and start paying that money back, either to yourself or the lender. But it does take hard work and enthusiasm. This is a career, not a hobby.  Do it well and you will be handsomely rewarded, however.

Do I need project management experience?

The answer is yes, some type of project management experience is likely to be helpful.  Some Aspray franchisees have worked in property or have had an interest in renovations but others have just got superb project management skills, because they have worked in a role that required it or have been members of the Forces.  You are not expected to know everything and will get much-praised training.  Having some knowledge of the sector or the right management skills are typically the starting point of the franchisee journey, however.

But you also need to have the right personality and be someone who likes to be a problem-solver, help others, network and be good at what you do.  There are many elements to being an Aspray loss assessor and property reinstatement franchisee.  Some you will have as part of your make-up as a person.  Others will be honed over time.

Project Manager
What territories exist?

To find this out, you would need to take the first steps and get in touch with us, so that we can guide you when it comes to territories available.  We have franchisees all over the UK, so whether you are in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales, is immaterial.  We can talk you through the options.

Where do I go from here?

If you are someone wanting a new career because of the impacts of the pandemic, the starting point is to visit www.asprayfranchise.co.uk and then to get in touch with us, by calling 0800 077 6705.  You can have a no-obligation chat and, if we both feel there is potential to explore, we can then arrange a video-conferencing meeting (or face-to-face, once social distancing is no longer required). Only by talking and getting to know each other can either of us decide whether we offer the brilliant new career challenge you are seeking.  If you feel property claims management could be right for you, do not leave it too long.  As we have all seen in 2020, none of us know what is around the corner and ‘seize the day’ is a motto we should all embrace.