As a property reinstatement sector franchisor, Aspray continually tries to communicate what it takes to be a successful franchisee, to avoid those who are investing in a territory enduring future disappointment.  Being the right match for the opportunity is key, as is doing the right things, to make the most of having the right attributes.

To give a festive feel to this ongoing, highly professional and selective approach to franchising, we have turned to Christmas card characters and wintery objects for inspiration.  What follows may have a festive feel, but the guidance is well worth taking on board, at any time of year. 

The snowman - property reinstatement franchisees

The Snowman

The ‘Snowman’ represents the type of franchise business, which is rapidly built, with a lot of energy and resource, but which is then left to stand and melt away, through lack of ongoing attention that adapts to the climate around.  It’s the type of franchise often built by those with a short attention span, or who just continually get excited by new things but don’t retain an interest once something is up and running.  This may be down to having too much creativity and not enough commitment or patience to build something, once it’s taken shape.

The robin

The Robin

The ‘Robin’ is the type of franchisee who jealously guards and protects their territory, having purchased it, but is too reliant on the bright branding attached to it, in terms of the franchisor’s identity, and so stays in the office rather than helping their business fly through their own efforts and networking.  The Robin needs to recognise that a great franchise model only works if they put the effort in on the ground, generating and feeding off of their own leads, by continually hopping around and bringing these to the surface.

The cracker

The Cracker

The ‘Cracker’ is a bit of a franchisee dynamo, who instantly pulls in a lucrative contract for their business, which helps it go with an instant bang.  Whilst this generates a lot of early income, however, the Cracker does not futureproof their business by building other strings to their bow and is then in trouble when the one big deal is not renewed. Franchisees need to make it their motto to build a broad-based business, rather than relying on just one source of referral.

The Sledger - downward slop for property reinstatement franchisee

The Sledger

The ‘Sledger’ is on a downward slope from day one of taking their franchise on board, as they never actually had the skills or drive required to climb into the driving seat.  By not doing their research, or by claiming to have personality traits which they did not, they find their business hits a slippery slope very quickly and, once the skids are on, do not have the right skills to tackle the decline.

The gingerbread man

The Gingerbread Man

The ‘Gingerbread Man’ often finds a franchise niche – like our own property sector – pushes their gumdrop buttons but forgets that it’s not all a case of running around all day, as fast as they can. Even in our own property reinstatement franchise world, anyone thinking the job is just about on-site liaison and visiting properties to review damage and negotiate claims with the insurer’s loss assessor, is living in fairy-tale land.  There is that very necessary task of administration to do, to analyse and process the information collated and to provide structure and a framework to the business.  Gingerbread Men will be caught (out), if they do not do the basic legwork.

The Santa - Property Reinstatement franchisee


The ‘Santa’ is not just everyone’s favourite but also the perfect franchisee, working on their ‘gifts’ all year round, having made sure they are appropriate for the recipient (the customer).  Even when not seen in person, they are making things happen, building a strong year-round brand and project-managing their next ‘job’ with precision.  In the case of Aspray property damage claims management and loss assessing property reinstatement project managing franchisees, they also take the time to marshal their team of ‘reindeer’ – the drivers of their repair network, comprising trusted tradespeople.

Not everyone necessarily starts their franchise journey as a well-rounded Santa and, unless you are an unsuitable Sledger, you may well be able to add required facets to your business and personality and find the correct focus, with Aspray’s help.  We invest in our franchisees’ training, whilst encouraging them to do what our business model requires and be the Robin that flies, or the Gingerbread Man that stops running around continually and applies themselves to administration and working on the business and not just in it.

If you would like a franchisor who does this, and who can provide you with a robust business model and first-class property reinstatement sector franchise opportunity, please contact us today.