The average private sector worker is tipped to receive a 2.5% wage increase in 2019, with the previous benchmark figure having been around 2%, according to XpertHR.  For someone earning £40,000 a year, that means an additional £1000 in the pay packet. For those earning £50,000 per annum, it is £1250.  For an Aspray franchisee, pay rise news is irrelevant.

At Aspray Franchise, we are not over-impressed by these pay rise predictions. We similarly did not bat an eyelid when, in October 2018, we were told British workers had received their biggest pay rise in a decade.  The reason for this is that we know just how much more earning capacity becomes available the moment one of our professional financial services-sector franchisees is in control of their own pay rises.  Even in regard to a new start-up loss assessing business, we would be surprised if the earning capacity of the franchisee behind it did not far exceed £1250 in year one.

Pay rise goals  - Aspray franchise

If our model is followed and embraced fully by our franchisees, we would typically be adding a nought to the £1000 or £1250, and sometimes even two, within a couple of years.  Franchisees can set their own income goals and, if they are realistic and prepared to put in the hard yards, attain or exceed them. There is no waiting around nervously, wondering if an employer has money in the bank account to give you a rise.  You do not have to scan the newspapers each morning, wondering whether an economic downturn will scupper your chances of a pay increase.  You are in charge of your own earning capacity.

Whilst the world of property insurance claims is not 100% protected from general trends within the economy, insurance claims happen continually.  Whether it is a storm moving in, a leaking washing machine, a burst pipe, a vehicle impact, a fire or flood, or something like malicious damage or vandalism, there is always a ready supply of policyholders – domestic and commercial – either starting a claim or trying to progress one.  The trick is in finding these potential customers, but the Aspray model shows you how to do this.

The other beauty of this model is that you are not having to bend the ear of people at the gym, trying to persuade them to switch their utility supplier.  You are not watching your window, wondering whether there will be sufficient footfall today to allow you to sell your required quota of sandwiches or other food items, so that you can hit your target.  Your consumers do not have to be convinced to switch or urged to buy.  They are people in need and you just have to ensure that they know that, in that hour of need, they can turn to you, understanding why it makes complete sense for them to do so.

As long as you can make that connection, you should quickly become their godsend or guardian angel, rescuing them from what could be stressful or tricky property claims negotiations and then delivering even better news – the fact that you can organise repairs by vetted contractors and this will not cost them a penny.

Pay Rise with an Aspray Franchise

In other words, once you have reached likely claimants, through introducers, networking, social media, other marketing, outdoor activity or other means, you should have little difficulty converting them into clients and then generating a great referral – if you do things according to the Aspray text book.  Referrals mean that your business becomes more powerful as you grow, as you have word-of-mouth referrers doing part of your marketing for you.  Once you start to go for it with your Aspray franchise, there is every opportunity to think big with your numbers.

So, if you are anticipating a 2.5% pay rise, but quickly realising that an extra £83 – £104 per month really will not go that far or buy you that dream house in the sun, even if you are already earning £40,000-£50,000 per year, you need to think laterally.  If you have the right skills to suit our franchise – project management, customer-focus and strong communication and negotiation skills being some of these – plus savings or access to a bank loan, perhaps you should take charge of your own pay rises by looking at an Aspray franchise opportunity?  That way, that extra £100 a month could pale into insignificance.