“Quantity surveyors are responsible for managing all aspects of the contractual and financial side of construction projects.” Target Jobs[1]

As a quantity surveyor you will have built up an abundance of property, management, and organisation skills. Each of which is transferrable to an Aspray franchise.

quantity surveyor

It’s likely during your career as a quantity surveyor, you’ve come across a wide range of clients, each with their individual circumstances, wants and needs. At Aspray, our customers are massively diverse. One day you might be helping an elderly person who’s had a leak in their bathroom, next it may be a first time buyer with a disaster in their new home and your next lead could be a business owner who has had a fire and needs to get their business back up and running as soon as possible.

Each have different concerns and needs but, there is one thing that they all have in common, they need help with their building insurance claim and you might just have the skills to help them.

Quantity Surveyor to Aspray Project Manager  

If you’ve worked as a quantity surveyor, many of your skills will be vital for your business. Let’s take a look at your skills and how they can be applied to the Aspray franchise.

Liaising with Clients

Our customers are the focus in everything we do, so if working directly with the client is a favourite part of your role, you’ll likely enjoy the Aspray process. The job goes beyond assessing a policyholder’s property, although that is also a large part of what you will do, but it also encompasses empathy and compassion as you reassure them and guide them through the claims process.

Throughout the claim, you will be liaising with the customer to keep them consistently updated with progress.

We receive a huge number of outstanding reviews and feedback from our customer whose property has been reinstated through the Aspray claims process. It shows more than ever, how essential our service is.

You can listen to some of these here: Testimonial Videos – YouTube.

Pricing and Forecasting

If you have been a quantity surveyor for some time, you are likely to be an expert at pricing and forecasting costs for construction projects. Cost planning is important in any project and working to those costs is a must. Moving to Aspray will see you putting those skills to the test as you scope property damage and put together a schedule of works for the insurer.

You will also spend time agreeing these costs with the insurer and discussing the best techniques for reinstatement, all the while ensuring the customer is treated fairly and the claim is managed efficiently. This is where your negotiation skills will be ideal.

Assigning and Managing Contractors

Working alongside various contractors will be second nature you as a quantity surveyor. Those previous connections within the industry will be a bonus when you begin your franchise. Building up a trusted network of sub-contractors is one of the key aspects of running a successful franchise.

Not only will you be able to pass work to your contractors, managing them on insurance claims reinstatement, but they can also become an excellent source of lead referral.

Managing these relationships is a vital skill that you can bring to your business.

Attention to Detail

This skill is needed throughout the whole claims process. Your attention to detail will be beneficial when looking through an insurance policy right through to checking contractor workmanship. Keeping an eye on the little details as well as the claim as a whole will mean that problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently, or even anticipated before they happen.

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