The Role of an Aspray Franchisee

Offering an end to end service to the policyholder who have suffered property damage and striving for a fair settlement from their insurer is the main focus of the role of an Aspray Franchisee, together with growing their business to the turnover and profit levels they desire.

This efficient and well received service helps Aspray continue to build a credible brand nationwide and thereby offers their franchisees a tried and tested business model, with good earning potential, in return for their hard work, skill, likeability and commitment.

If a home or business premises has been damaged by fire, flood, storm, impact, malicious damage, or any other insurable event, our franchisees assess the damage and negotiate a fair settlement with the policyholder’s insurer, or their appointed loss adjuster. Once works are agreed, the franchisee then instructs and project manages vetted contractors to complete the reinstatement works, restoring the property to its pre-loss condition as swiftly as possible.


A Day in the Life of an Aspray Franchisee

Aspray franchisee, Joe, is now in his sixth year with Aspray and explains, what has now become, a “typical day at the office”.

7am Networking

In my first week, back in 2013, I attended a networking event and met an introducer who manages 3000 buy to let properties for landlords. I am still passionate about networking six years on as it still brings me regular leads today.

9am Confirm Appointments for the Day

I arrive at the office ready to start my day at 9am. I spend a short amount of time organising my day and confirming any appointments I need to attend. I am fortunate that my business has now grown to a level where I can employ an office administrator, allowing me to focus on the claims process.

10am Visit New Claim Lead and Survey Property Damage

No two claims are the same and there are many reasons why a property owner may experience damage to their property. My ultimate goal is to help make the life of the customer easier as this can be an emotional and distressing time.

11.30am Meeting with a Loss Adjuster

I spend some time negotiating with the insurer or their loss adjuster. This could be done by a face to face meeting at the property or over the phone.

2pm Back to the Office

In the afternoon, I head back to the office to complete the schedule of works for my new claim, ready to send to the insurer. 

4pm Speak with Contractors

Towards the end of the day, I gain updates from contractors who are working on the claims I am project managing. I usually finish around 5pm, however, there are occasions where I may need to visit a customer in the evening, should they be unable to book an appointment during the day.

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Loss Assessor or Loss Adjuster?

The two job titles sound remarkably similar, but the roles are opposites.

Loss Assessor

A loss assessor handles the claim with the policyholders best interests in mind. Using a loss assessor can restore the balance of power of the claims process, giving the policyholder a voice.

Loss Adjuster

The loss adjuster represents the insurers best interest. They often seek to negatively adjust the claim as their aim will be to minimise costs, by not necessarily replacing, repairing, or restoring property and possessions as the policyholder would wish.

The Size of the Market

Whilst no business is completely future-proofed, Aspray franchisees enter a sector that’s growing. Irrespective of how the economy is performing or the endless political uncertainty, commercial and residential properties are still regularly damaged from fire, impact, storm, water, flood damage, malicious damage by tenants and other insured incidents.

According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) website, key factors influencing the market today are:

The continued rise in household numbers and the recent growth in rented accommodation with almost 26.5 million households to insure in the UK.

Global warming and its associated weather impacts are escalating the number of property insurance claims emanating from incidents such as flooding and storm damage.

Growing competition, such as the rise of price comparison sites, keep premium rates keen more aggression point of claim.

The number of vehicles on the road, which could potentially damage property, grows year-on-year.  Then there are the impacts caused by people who wish people and property harm.

The Association of British Insurers state that in 2018 insurers paid out £17m per day in property claims.
(ABI UK Insurance and Long-Term Savings Key Facts Report, Dec 2019)


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