Roy Bowen, Director of Aspray (Wakefield)

We recently caught up with Aspray (Wakefield) franchisee, Roy Bowen, who talked about the decade he has shared with Aspray.

A lot can happen in a decade. The smile on Roy’s face as he tells stories of the claims he has managed, the people he has met and the events he has taken part in over the past ten years really sums up how much he has enjoyed his franchise experience.

“It was a memorable day when I joined. The eleventh of the eleventh 2011.” Roy said. “And I’m still looking ahead.”

After being made redundant in 2011 following a 25-year career in engineering, Roy found himself looking for something new that would fit his ‘just in time’ management skills. When he spotted the Aspray advert in the Daily Mail, Roy knew it was the opportunity for him. Now ten years later, Roy feels like the job is second nature to him. Despite this, he admitted that all claims are different and bring along new challenges allowing him to constantly grow and learn.

Going into his eleventh year, Roy has more work than ever before. “I’m busier now than I’ve ever been. I can’t believe how busy I am. I guess it’s easier when you’ve been around longer, people know you are there and are more comfortable coming to you and asking questions.”

It’s easy to tell that Roy wants to grow his business, aiming to bring on staff to manage his admin and accounts. Hs intention is to free up his time allowing him to focus solely on the claims management aspect of the role, ensuring the policyholder is well looked after and their claim is handled swiftly and efficiently.  

His passion for helping the policyholder is evident in everything Roy has done throughout his time with Aspray and his belief in the service is testament to his longevity. “If you want to help people and help them at a time that they are in a crisis and get them through it, Aspray works. There should be an Aspray person available for everyone when they have a property claim.”

Thinking back to 2011 when it all started, Roy talked of how different Aspray was at that time. “The professionalism, the support and the whole setup of Aspray is much better and much smarter. It’s evolved in a progressive way. It’s grown and got better.”

However, one thing Roy is adamant has not changed at Aspray is the core value of helping the policyholder. “When I started with Aspray, James (Aspray’s Managing Director) said to me, when we handle these claims, we treat each policyholder as if they are a member of our own family. And that’s what I still do today. That practise has not changed.”

As one of Aspray’s longest serving franchisees, Roy acknowledged that the best bit of the job is that, even after ten years, it still brings a smile to his face. “It’s seeing people satisfied, happy and resolved and knowing that over the ten years you’ve helped people get back to their life. You see the homeowner, or policyholder satisfied and smiling, or you that the claims has caused them the minimum inconvenience, that’s what you have achieved for them.”

It has certainly been an eventful decade for Roy and his franchise. We can’t wait to see what the next one brings.