1. Put Something In

As with anything, you can only get something meaningful out of your franchise business, if you put enough into it – as we see only too well as a franchisor here at Aspray, having worked with many property damage claims management sector franchisees.  By working hard, you should be able to achieve the goals that you set, which should be as much aligned to what makes you happy, as they are to business growth per se.


2. Throw Yourself into Learning

It can be empowering to learn, so soak up the information that is provided during your induction, but then build on that, through ongoing learning and development.  Take advantage of everything your franchisor can offer you on the training front, if your franchisor fosters a training and development culture, and be receptive to advice and constructive criticism, as these will help your business but also see you grow as an individual.

3. Little Treats

Building a successful franchise business should be viewed as a long-distance steeplechase, rather than a sprint, and you need to think long-term and tackle obstacles along the way.  One great way to motivate yourself is to reward yourself with little treats, whenever you achieve something positive in your franchise business – a meal out (or posh takeaway in, under Covid restrictions), a new purchase, a nice bottle of wine or box of chocolates.  Positively reward little steps forward with treats along the way and you will find you create more happiness and positivity in your business and franchise journey.

4. Meet New People

One of the great things about building a franchise business is that you should be out networking (or networking online) and that opens up the possibility of meeting new people and feeding off of their positivity, inspiration and suggestions.  Having the buzz of coming away from a meeting, with a new contact, referrer, or thing to try, can create happy moments.

5. Create Your Space

Running your own franchise business gives you the chance to create your own space, for business planning, administration and all-important accounts work.  Make that space your own and a truly uplifting zone, by decking it out in colours you love, with artwork you appreciate and motivational quotes or statements.  Make it your happy space, personalised to you.

6. Fuel Yourself on Feedback

Make customers a source of happiness, by striving to deliver the best possible customer service, as this should generate appreciation and testimonials that will fuel your focus and make you happy inside.  Doing the opposite, and not being customer-centric, will just make you miserable, so attempt to delight customers, go the extra mile and see how happy it makes you.  That happiness will be automatically invested in your business through your derived motivation, without you even realising it, driving your business growth.

Aspray franchisees constantly tap into customer service as a font of happiness, as the Aspray property claims management service and the property repairs service both generate a customer satisfaction rate of over 96%, hence the brand’s many awards nominations and wins. 

Being a happy franchisee starts from day one of your franchise search journey.  Buying the right franchise for you alone, and your skills, is absolutely vital.  To discover whether Aspray could be the business model that helps you be a happy franchisee, and whether or not you could find happiness in the world of property claims and property reinstatement, please get in touch.