The Aspray Journey

It all starts with a conversation. Where it ends up is dependent on your drive and ambition. As an Aspray franchisee, you will share our passion for growth and have the drive and ambition to develop your franchise, increase turnover and scale to a multi-unit operation. With Aspray behind you every step of way, there really is no limit to how far you can go.

    1. Starting Out with Aspray

    Year one is all about learning the role and building your business. Making connections within your local area, meeting contractors and networking with potential introducers.

    Starting a franchise is a big step, especially if you haven’t been self-employed previously. It’s important to know you are not alone and the Aspray team will be behind you every step of the way.

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    Learn the Role

    Beginning with the initial induction training at Aspray's head office in Lancashire, you'll be taught the foundations of operating your Aspray franchise. Training then continues into the field giving you the opportunity to manage even complex claims from day one.

    Make Connections

    Building up your network of trusted contractors is an important step in the business. As an established company, Aspray have connections with many national and local contractors, but gaining those connections locally will be a huge benefit to your business.


    Develop your Local Brand

    Getting your name out locally will help you in the steps towards becoming the "go-to" person in your area for property damage insurance claims. With support from head office, you will use a range of tactics to build your local brand and build relationships with potential introducers.

    2. Scaling Up Your Business

    We’re looking for driven individuals who want to scale and build their business. You’ll be business minded, looking for new opportunities for growth across your territory.

    The Aspray model promotes scalability, giving you the chance to move from a single-unit to a multi-unit franchise. Increasing your operations is an exciting time and Aspray will support the development in all areas of your business.

    Aspray franchisees with their team and van.

    Move to an Office

    There often comes a point when the home office is just to small to continue operations. It's at this stage that our franchisees choose to move into an office environment. This is commonly one of the first steps in scaling your franchise.

    Build your Team

    Whether it's a second loss assessor, someone to complete admin tasks or a multi-trade to aid with reinstatements, growing your team gives you the chance to take your business to the next level, create higher turnover and, ultimately, help more policyholders with their claims.

    Additional Territory

    Once you've really established yourself within your area and built a strong team behind you, it's time to expand to new locations. Becoming a multi-unit franchise owner is a great step. Talk to our recruitment team about your long-term plans for the franchise.

    3. Franchise Maturity

    Hitting maturity is a great place to be. By this point you will have vast knowledge of the Aspray role however, as insurance claims often bring unexpected challenges, our head office team will still be supporting you and your team along the way.

    Aspray franchisee in their office with team.

    Maintain Relationships

    By this point you will have built some great relationships both with contractors and introducers across your territory. With the support of head office, maintaining these relationships will be an important aspect of your business.

    Giving Back

    This could be in the form of working with charities close to your heart, or providing employment opportunities to young people in your area. Whatever you may choose to do, reaching maturity will give you the platform to give back to your community.

    Staying Ahead

    Longevity is important in business. That's why Aspray always aim to stay at the forefront of the industry, promoting sustainable business practices and keeping franchisees up to date with industry changes and new innovations.

    4. Exit Strategy

    There will come a time when your journey with Aspray will come to an end. Whether you’re looking to move onto new adventures or the time has come to retire, getting your exit strategy in place early will put you in the best position when that times comes.

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    Exit Plan

    An exit plan is something you should be thinking about when making your initial decision to purchase a franchise. What is your ultimate goal? To build a business to sell for a profit? Perhaps you want something to pass onto your children? Whatever your end goal, your business should be developed with that in mind.

    Keep it in the Family

    Many of our franchisees bring family members into the business with an aim of passing the business on once they are ready for retirement. Aspray will work with you to train family members and provide support during the transition phase of the business.


    Deciding to sell your franchise is big step that Aspray's recruitment team will support you with throughout the sale process. It is important to maintain trading and even pursue growth during this time to ensure you get the best price for the franchise.

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