At Aspray, we believe the key to success begins with a commitment to recruit an Aspray franchisee who “fits” our culture and who brings with them the proper “attitudes” and “attributes” to be effective in managing their business.

To help us better assess and evaluate potential franchisees, we engaged Zorakle Profiles and Aspray are thrilled to be leading the way as the first franchisor in the UK to be adapting their profile assessment tool, SpotOn!

Zorakle Profiles; Aspray franchisee

How It Works

The SpotOn! Profile tool integrates behavioural concepts into one comprehensive psychometric assessment. It is based on the theory that franchisee-franchisor compatibility combined with complementary competencies will lead to higher performance.

It measures prospective franchisee candidates and assesses their predicted performance as an Aspray franchisee using the following sciences:

Compatibility Modules

  • Values
  • Stages of Growth
  • Culture
  • Work Style

Competency Modules

  • Eight Core Competencies
  • Sales Orientation
  • Focus Preference
  • Emotional and Social Intelligence

The report shows how a candidate will cope with the pace of the business, will delegate, direct, motivate, manage, evaluate and resolve day-to-day business situations.  It evaluates whether a person could struggle with being self-employed and reflects their needs and wants in selecting a franchise.

A franchisee that shares a company’s values, stage of growth, culture and work style will perform better, adapt to the new business quicker and stay for longer.

Compatibility + Competencies = Performance

Zorakle started by asking our existing network of franchisees to complete the SpotOn! profile assessment. The franchisees were separated into the top, middle and low performers.

Aspray Franchisee - finding the right fit

These results were then analysed by Rebecca Monet, who is the CEO and Chief Scientist of Zorakle Profiles. Rebecca defined the qualities, traits and competencies which complement our business model, highlighted the attributes related to our franchisees success and the attributes related to poor performance.

The profile analysed our high performers values to determine what governs their desires and the expression of these desires.

Before completing the business information call candidates are now required to complete the SpotOn! Profile assessment.

What we are looking for in an Aspray Franchisee

As we go into our 16th year, we have narrowed down our profile because we know exactly what it takes to be a successful Aspray franchisee. Zorakle Profiles has provided our franchise recruitment team with a deeper and more informed approach to, not only understanding the candidate as a person but, more importantly, are they are going to succeed and be a fit within our organisation.

For compatibility, we look for the value set referred to as ‘Achiever’. This is defined as someone with a high degree of self-motivation, who is reliable and hardworking.

The Work Style we look for is ‘Director’, someone who is fast and decisive, sets themselves goals and approaches tasks in a structured, efficient manner.

We want franchisees who are ‘Thinkers’, who are solutions-oriented and practical, that possess just enough entrepreneurial spirit to be innovative but know when reinventing the wheel is actually a detriment.

Candidates with a high degree of self-awareness and self-management are suitable for the Aspray franchise role. These attributes give them the ability to understand the customer’s priorities and translate them into a plan to project manage the repairs to the customers’ home or business.

We look for candidates who have a consultative approach to sales, who are able to build high trust and credible relationships with their customers and clients.

People who score highly in the ‘technical’ competency, which means they learn quickly, perform and become an expert in specific tasks and processes, have the operational capabilities to run a business.

Take the Aspray Franchisee profile assessment today

Do you want to find out more about your natural strengths, innate nature, and how it relates to entrepreneurship?

Zorakle Profiles is quick and easy to complete and will take less than 10 minutes of your time. Once you complete the assessment, you will receive the results immediately giving you an insightful and compelling look into your match as an Aspray franchisee. Contact us here to arrange a call with Recruitment Manager, Rebecca Dean.