Caring for Claims

You could be visiting a policyholder with water damage in the morning, checking on the reinstatement progress of a fire claim at lunchtime, calling a policyholder with a claim update in the afternoon and finishing your day negotiating a settlement with an insurer’s representative.

The role of an Aspray Loss Assessor never brings the same day twice. 

    No claim too big or small

    Often buildings are so much more than just a structure. They are a home or a business, a place of comfort and relaxation, or they may even be an investment for the future. Whatever a building means to a policyholder, experiencing damage from fire, flood, storm, water, impact, malicious damage, or any other insurable event could turn their world upside down in an instant.

    But this is where Aspray can help…

    before and after the help of a loss assessor

    The Aspray Loss Assessor Claims Process

    Assessing the Damage - Loss Assessor Role Step 1

    Acting as an appointed representative of Aspray, you will visit the risk address and compile an in-depth damage and repair report, determining the cause of damage and producing a scope of works.

    Utilising your skill and knowledge, you will negotiate a fair settlement on behalf of the policyholder directly with the insurer or their representative.

    Once a settlement is in place and the excess has been paid, you will project manage the reinstatements, instructing your vetted contractors to carry out the agreed works.

    Case study: Water damage

    Learning the property, you rent out has been flooded and your tenants have nowhere to go is a nightmare in itself. Add to this an insurance company who is seemingly unwilling to help, and a stressful scenario is surely to follow.

    Fortunately, Aspray was on hand within 24 hours to help find accommodation for the tenants and assess the damage to the property. Julie, knowing very little about property damage, was grateful that Aspray could provide much deeper information about the damage and pass this on to the insurer, leading to a successful claim.

    Overall, a great example of how Aspray can take the stress out of a property damage insurance claim, leaving the policyholder with just the “nice bits”, as Julie says, such as the colour paint and carpets.

    The insurance industry


    insurers pay out per day in property claims


    of claims in 2019 were escape of water


    domestic claims acceptance in 2018/19

    Stats taken from Association of British Insurers (ABI) UK Insurance & Long-Term Savings Key Facts Feb 2021

    Case study: Impact damage

    Aspray work on behalf of commercial property owners as well residential. Our Aspray (Peterborough) franchisee, George, was on site with 24 hours of head office receiving the call when a collision between two cars had damaged a boundary wall of this petrol station.

    As part of the management of the claim, George collected details of the drivers, dealt with the police report, and secured a settlement with the insurer. His vetted contractors were then instructed to begin reinstatement works, completing the wall rebuild within a day. George organised the replacement of the petrol stations digital sign which had also suffered damage during the impact.

    “The end product was perfect and professionally done…”  The customer was delighted with the reinstatement and how Aspray “just got on with it.”

    Building your business in claims management

    As an Aspray franchisee, you will be responsible for the growth and success of your Aspray franchise territory. Alongside delivering the Aspray service, you will equally be committed to other aspects of running a thriving business, which include:

    • Sales and business growth
    • Marketing
    • Finance 
    • Claims Management Process
    • Compliance

    Find out how we support you with all elements of the business:

    Is training provided for assessing properties?

    Ongoing training and support are provided in all areas of the business, including assessing properties, scoping, insurance, finance, sales, and marketing.

    Find out more about the training and support Aspray offer here. 

    What types of claims are the most common?

    The most common claim handled at Aspray is escape of water. However, fire, flood, impact, and storm claims happen frequently, and franchisees are often dealing with a mix of claims at any one time.

    Find out more about our franchisees here. 

    Do Aspray help find approved contractors?

    Aspray have database of contractors, including national companies, who can be called upon when first starting out. However, you will need to build a network of trusted contractors within your territory for both claims completion and building your business.

    What is the average value of a claim?

    Claims costs vary from claim to claim depending on the peril. The average claim value across Aspray is around £8,000.

    Do most franchisees work from home?

    Yes, most franchisees work from home, especially in the beginning. This means that overheads can be kept low as you build your business.

    Some franchisees move into offices as their business grows.