Training and Support

The training and support that we offer provide the foundations to build a business that you can be proud of. Our aim is to give you the confidence to deliver a high-end service in your local community and be the go-to person for property damage claims.

Continuous professional development is a requirement as an Aspray franchisee, the learning never stops.

The head office team are committed to helping you understand how best to achieve your full potential by equipping you with the tools needed to effectively build, maintain, and grow a solid lead generation and introducer base, fulfil the role with greater competency and, make a positive impact on your business and the policyholders you take care of.

    Supporting you with
    induction training

    Before starting your business, you will attend induction training at Aspray head office in Lancashire, delivered in line with BDMA industry standards. The course covers everything you need to begin operating your franchise from understanding insurance and surveying damage to marketing your business and generating leads.

    This is just the start of your learning journey with Aspray.

    The Aspray national conference, providing training and building business together
    Sara Holmes Franchisee of the Year

    Supporting you with
    claims management

    Our expert claims handling team will guide you through insurance policies, scoping practices, and advise on negotiations with insurers and their representatives when it comes to managing claims. Their knowledge and skills are crucial in assisting you as you navigate the world of insurance policies, bringing claims to settlement and understanding insurance and vetting contractors

    Following induction training, you will be assisted on site by our network support manager as you prepare your scope and plan for reinstatement works. This gives you the opportunity to put your training into practice and in some cases, learn on the job.

    Whether you’re dealing with a more complex claims, or just need a second opinion, support is always available for every aspect of the claims process.

    Supporting you with
    accounting activities

    Aspray is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and has permission to hold client monies. Our qualified and experienced accounts team manage the Statutory Trust Client Monies bank account and keep you updated with insurance payments received into the account, and forward monies to you for payment of your contractors, materials, and profits.

    As your build your business, the team also offer support with invoicing, VAT, CIS, and other accounting queries.

    Accounting support - aiding business growth
    Jack Parkhouse, taking part in the induction training course in January 2020

    “The course has been well structured, well delivered and creates a great foundation for success. All of the Head Office team have been welcoming and really supportive all the way through.”

    Jack Parkhouse, Aspray (London South)

    Induction Training, January 2020

    Hear from our franchisees

    Supporting you with
    business growth

    Aspray have established a large network of ‘introducers’ who refer claims for franchisees to manage. Our experienced team of business development managers relationship manage and grow this network nationwide.

    They also support you locally to build your own network of introducers, gaining leads from emergency contractors, letting agents and block managers across your territory.

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    Sales and marketing training and ongoing support is available as your business grows across your territory.

    Supporting you with

    As an Aspray franchisee you will utilise a mix of channels to promote your business and build brand awareness locally. The Aspray marketing team offer ongoing support in this area, helping you to develop your marketing plan, create content and monitor results.

    From social media to exhibitions and sponsorships, the marketing team provide creative support for all your branding and promotional needs. They also maintain Aspray’s national presence, managing the website, SEO and paid advertising.

    Sales and marketing: Helping you grow your business



    Digital marketing

    sponsorships , St Mirren


    Supporting you with
    peer to peer support

    Nobody knows the ins and outs of running an Aspray franchise better than the franchisees who are doing it every day. It only makes sense to share that knowledge amongst our network. Regular Network Support Meetings virtually brings franchisees together to discuss important issues, topics of interest, meet new national suppliers and share best practice.

    When we can get together, we do! National conferences, regional meeting and summer socials bring our franchisees together throughout the year. As a franchisee, it’s good to know you’re not alone.

    Franchisees renewing their contract for five years more
    Franchisee Nathan, taking advantage of the training and support offered with the Aspray franchise

    Supporting you with
    Continuous Professional Development

    You’ll be joining a regulated firm which means always staying at the forefront of new developments within the industry as well as refreshing yourself on regulations and procedures. All franchisees undertake a minimum of 35 hours of continuous professional development (CPD) per year, ensuring they have the knowledge to provide the best service to policyholders.