Aspray’s annual franchise conference for 2019 was held on the 28th of November and was full of value for Aspray’s hard-working franchisees, with this year’s schedule included a talk by guest speaker and sports presenter, John Inverdale.  But what is the point of a franchise conference?  As an experienced and award-winning franchisor in the property claims management sector, Aspray explains.

  • A franchise conference is the most visible demonstration of the franchisor’s commitment to its network of franchisees.  The professionalism, skills and support functions of the franchisor are under the microscope, to be adjudged by franchisees ‘in the flesh’. There is nowhere to hide.  A franchise conference, merely by being staged, should tell you that the franchisor is a serious and committed partner.
  • The franchise conference can also be something to which prospective franchisees can be invited, to decide on whether the franchisor is right for them. Listening to both presentations, as well as what existing franchisees have to say, can help determine futures.
  • By staging a conference, a franchisor instantly breaks down the barriers between itself and its franchisees, which can result in enhanced franchisee engagement and better buy-in to both the business model and the franchisor’s brand vision.
  • A franchise conference is a great way to disseminate news throughout the network, face to face and in-depth.  There is no need to rely on emails about important developments being read, or letters opened. 
John Inverdale, Celebrity Guest Speaker Aspray Conference
John Inverdal, Celebrity Guest Speaker
  • Bringing franchisees together is one of the best ways to get compliance messages across to the network.  This is vital for Aspray, as it is FCA-registered and must make compliance an absolute priority.
  • New ideas and concepts can easily be tested when the network’s franchisees are all present and able to provide feedback on how these ideas could be transplanted within their territories, or why that may be problematic.  This can help tweak concepts, so that they are optimised for use within the network.
  • Training can be built into the franchise conference schedule, so that all franchisees learn new skills and acquire fresh knowledge simultaneously.  This can help upskill the network in the fastest time possible, rather than the franchisor having to try to reach out to busy franchisees when they have other things to do within their territories.
  • Franchisees get the opportunity to learn from each other at a conference arranged by a franchisor, picking up on new ways of doing things and asking each other for advice.  In Aspray’s case, franchisees can discuss specific insured property loss scenarios that are (or have been) challenging, to see if other franchisees have come across similar incidents.  Conferences not only foster peer support amongst franchisees, but actual practical assistance with those trickier elements of doing the job.
  • Conferences provide the perfect forum for awards and recognition of hard work.  A franchisee who has been a trailblazer, or who has been relentless when it comes to diligently building their business, can receive the plaudits they deserve – and perhaps a trophy too.  This boosts their morale and can also inspire others to follow in their footsteps over the next 12 months.
Winner of the Franchisee of the Year Award 2019
  • A franchise conference is frequently not just supported by the franchisor, but also by their suppliers.  They can help a supplier better understand the needs of franchisees in the field and possibly develop new solutions to help them build their business.
  • A conference gives franchisees the opportunity to get away from the day-to-day workload and actually think about how to work on the business, rather than in it.  It can provide focus, promote free-thinking and provide a buzz that they can take back to their territory.  Such renewed enthusiasm can push a franchisee to the next level.
  • And finally, a franchise conference can embrace the forgotten ones – the husbands, wives or partners who have a crucial back-up role to play, even if not directly involved in the franchise business.  By extending the invitation to partners, a franchisor can also enthuse them, enabling them to better understand the challenges of the role and perhaps identifying things that they could do to help.

With a full year before the next Aspray conference, there is every opportunity for you to be present in 2020, if you feel you have the skills required to be part of Aspray’s franchise story.  Find out what being an Aspray loss assessor and property claims management franchisee is all about here and pick up the phone to call 0800 077 6705, if you think it’s for you!