The current period under coronavirus lockdown is one of great uncertainty and concern, but also one in which our property damage claims management franchise network is displaying its true colours.  Our loss assessing franchises are amongst those thinking of others and not themselves and many are doing what they can to support the vulnerable and elderly, as well as those in a real fix because of an emergency property damage issue.

Putting others at the forefront of their thinking is a key trait in our loss assessing franchisees.  Many buy an Aspray territory because they know it will allow them to follow a self-employed career in which they can help others and assist those suffering distressing property damage and possible financial loss.

Aspray Franchise Heroes of the Week

As we come into the second week of lockdown in the UK, we are recognising some of our Aspray heroes, for whom caring and focusing on the needs of distressed and confused domestic and commercial insurance policyholders, needing to make a property claim, goes with the territory.

Our #ItGoesWithTheTerritory hashtag will allow you to keep up with all the stories of Aspray loss assessors who are going the extra mile right now, if you keep heading to our social media pages.  But, in more depth, here are our first three examples.

Satinder Grewal – Aspray (London East)

Satinder Grewal is our loss assessor for Aspray (London East) and he really went above and beyond for one elderly customer for whom he was working on a small claim and property reinstatement project.  With the coronavirus restrictions coming into place, the policyholder was not able to have debris collected from their rear garden, which has external side access.  It wasn’t deemed ‘essential’ to collect but Satinder knew that his client could not get to the garden shed because of all the bags that were obstructing access.  Taking pre-planned virus precautions, before Lockdown restriction was put into place, Satinder went to the property himself, to remove as much of the debris as possible.  His actions have given the policyholder safe and clear access to supplies stored in the shed and have allowed them to continue gardening, as something to do whilst confined to their home.   

Perry Dawson – Aspray (Colchester)

Perry Dawson, our loss assessor for Aspray (Colchester) has come to the rescue of a business that needed to continue trading, but which had a faulty factory extraction unit.  Unbelievably, Perry travelled 200 miles out of his territory, to fix this for them.

Larry Hamilton-Wright, Aspray (Exeter)

Larry Hamilton-Wright, our loss assessor for Aspray (Exeter) has tenaciously ensured that a client was not left in a huge fix because of lockdown restrictions.  The policyholder suffered property damage from a collapsed drain on March 10, which led to an ingress of sewage into their kitchen/diner.  Larry surveyed the property on March 11 and met with the insurer’s loss adjuster on March 13.  By keeping on the case, and following up with the claims adjusting company concerned, Larry got permission, on March 18, for the client to move out of the property temporarily. Despite lockdown, he managed to arrange for a removal company to move his client into alternative accommodation, with this happening on March 24.

Could You Be an Everyday Hero? 

We hope you can see the type of everyday heroes we are so proud to have within our Aspray franchisee loss assessing network and the sort of individual it takes to excel in this role.  If you think you too could go above and beyond in this way, please get in touch with us on 0800 077 6705 or visit for more details. 

Just remember that when it comes to service excellence #ItGoesWithTheTerritory