We caught up with all of our franchisees who have joined Aspray since the global pandemic started to ask them ‘Would you make the same decision again to start an Aspray franchise during Covid?’

We are delighted to hear they would all make the same decision again!

Steve Robinson, decision quote

Joined: March 2020
Territory: Sheffield North
Previous Occupation: IT Projects Director

I joined Aspray in the week the UK went into the first lockdown. Now nine months on, I couldn’t be happier with how my business has grown. It has been hard work but definitely worth the rewards.

Thanks to the training and support I feel confident in the role and most importantly I am really enjoying it, especially project managing the property repairs and dealing with the contractors.

In terms of the future, despite these unsettling times, I feel very optimistic and I would absolutely make the same decision again!!

Jon Wood, decision quote

Joined: August 2020
Territory: East Barnet
Previous Occupation: Vice President

The support provided by the team at Aspray throughout the research phase was first class. This suited me as I wanted to move quickly but, moreover, the level of detail provided, the transparency and access I was given to existing franchisees and Aspray directors meant I had a lot more confidence than I expected making my decision. I asked A LOT of questions and these were always answered honestly, which has been proven time and again, since I purchased my franchise and started trading.

The support continues after you start trading too and I have nothing but praise for the operations team and field support Aspray provide. They realise my success is their success so, while I run my own business, I still have the support of a skilled team behind me.

 Yes, most definitely I would make the same decision again and, in terms of the future, despite the instability we see with our economy and around the world, I feel more confident today than I have done in years. I just wish I’d identified this opportunity at Aspray 10 years ago!

Rashid Ahmed, Decision quote

Joined: March 2020
Territory: Romford
Previous Occupation: Project Manager

 As a new franchisee, especially after going through lockdown right at the beginning of the business and having been through what can only be described as unprecedented and testing times. I’m so pleased I came across Aspray and decided to purchase the Aspray franchise. Best business decision I’ve made in years.

The role itself is personally rewarding as I get to help people get their business or home back to normal. I enjoy the structure and support Aspray provides, all of the head office team can’t do enough to help you and the training has been first class.

Nathan Merritt, decision quote

Joined: June 2020
Territory: Sutton Coldfield
Previous Occupation: Project Manager

In June, the risk of purchasing an Aspray franchise in a pandemic was daunting, however it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My advice to anyone considering making the change would be to just do it! If you don’t take risks, you will always work for someone who does.

I haven’t looked back. I couldn’t ask for a better support system, everyone at Aspray head office has been fantastic, they are always available on the phone or over email and know exactly how to deal with each type of claim.

Aspray has steered me in the direction I have always aspired to and I can definitely see the rewards of building your own business.  My business is absolutely thriving, it’s been nonstop and I feel extremely excited about the future.

Iain Speedie Quote

Joined: June 2020
Territory: Chester
Previous Occupation: Sales Director

Yes, I would make the same decision again.

Although I was initially concerned about the business implications when lockdown was announced, I accepted that buildings insurance claims would continue. What I hadn’t considered were the implications of home schooling three children and then summer holidays!

Every claim is different, and I enjoy validating the claim and the challenge of negotiating with the insurer or their appointed Loss Adjuster. Once on site I treat every property as if it was my own, and it is very satisfying handing a reinstated property back to a home or business owner.

Reza Malekniazi - Quote

Joined: March 2020
Territory: Bromley
Previous Occupation: Loss Adjuster

Yes, I would make the same decision again, as long as I was benefitting from the same financial position I was in when I commenced this franchise.

For me personally I love a challenge and the current climate has tested my abilities. We are indeed facing challenging times at the moment and starting and growing a business at any time is challenging however with the current climate even more so.

I’m very comfortable with the future. As long as you have the support and backing of a Head Office who are quick to react to any changes in the market, which Aspray Head Office do, this business model shouldn’t fail. There will always be the need for insurance policies/cover and subsequently insurance claims, which is ultimately what we do.

Jack Parkhouse, Quote

Joined: January 2020
Territory: London South
Previous Occupation: Project Manager

I am nearly at the end of my first year and I would unreservedly make the same decision again! Even though we are in the midst of dealing with the pandemic this sector has not been impacted, it’s the nature of insurance claims. The level of work and profitability have far surpassed my expectations.

In terms of what I love most about being an Aspray franchisee, it is the diversity it provides. I go from dealing with insurers and loss adjusters to then being on site managing contractors. Also, it feels great to be able to help people get their home or business back to how it was before whatever it was, fire or storms, caused the damage.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying an Aspray franchise is just do it! You don’t need a eureka moment because you are buying into an established brand with a tried and tested business model.

Work as hard as you can, follow the guidance and training you’re given and enjoy it!